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just say off the top also, we're actually at a mitt romney event waiting for him to come in. but to your point about rick santorum and those comments about english only, it is something that enflames passions on both sides. in terms of conservative circles, fred, conservatives feel like english should be the language of the land. it is just one of the enduring conservative ideals, right? and when he said that in puerto rico, he was then asked about it a little later and he stood by it, didn't really back down from it too much, but a lot of people in puerto rico and beyond, latinos back here in the u.s., it raised a lot of eyebrows. one puerto rican official said that it was a very limiting and narrow view and when you couple that, fred, couple that with some people who feel like republicans have been taking some very hard line anti-latino -- a hard line against issues that latinos care about, take illegal immigration, a lot of republicans say they want to deport illegal aliens or people who have been living here in the u.s. for a while, sonia sotomayor, the supreme court jus
conservatives to pull together. >> can mitt romney regain his momentum? >>> and how will republicans reunite after this bruising primaries. >>> then the white house on offense. >> mitt romney. rick santorum and newt gingrich, these guys have a fundamentally different economic philosophy than we do. >>> and on defense, after a tragedy in afghanistan. >> this is a hard work. >> that and the rest of "this week" politics with our powerhouse roundtable. george will, haley barbour, bill burton, nia-malika henderson and david ignatius. >>> good morning, everyone. george stephanopoulos has a well-deserved morning off. >>> it's been a wild week on the campaign trail with voters in alabama and mississippi giving rick santorum's campaign a lifeline. yet in the all-important delegate race, mitt romney still holds a big lead with 496 delegates. romney has twice than rick santorum and is almost at the magic number. but our headliner this morning has been on a roll, former senator rick santorum joins us now, good morning, senator. >> good morning, jonathan. >> senator, front page of the "new york times" th
the possibilities of people dropping out. if mitt romney can come on this, then the argument is going to end right there. because of the perceived divide within the party is, i think it is wise to prepare for the possibilities. >> i know you are quite familiar with rule number 30. this change from 2008-2012. >> that is exactly what the rick santorum group is try to push for. mitt romney may have 1 million more votes. mitt romney may have more delegates than the other three candidates combined. when you come to tampa, anything goes. just like when ted kennedy tried to make it an open convention in 1980 against jimmy carter. you need somebody to be president obama. if it is not going to be met romney, it should be us. >> it is an industrial state. it is a state that rick santorum needs to prove that he can win. that is going to keep this race going. it is not winner-take-all. each is going to walk away with some delegates. >> we talked about how the money is very important. rick santorum did not have the money to file in every congressional district in illinois. even if he does well, he will be shut
as a conservative alternative to mitt romney. newt gingri newt gingrich previously staked his campaign on that, says he'll take it all the way to the august convention in tampa. >> we will continue to run a people's campaign. i believe after the two primaries are over, it will be obvious, that the so-called front runner didn't get there and from that point on we'll be in an all new situation. >> and joining us columnist dan ettinger and mary anastasia o'grady. and what do you think of newt gingrich, looks like even he does not believe he can get enough delegations during the primary. >> no, it's absolutely bizarre that he's insisting that he's a viable candidate. he's not doing well anywhere, but i think that he may have, be hanging on for three reasons. one, i think he doesn't think that santorum can get the nomination. >> right. >> and secondly, and he's not at that far behind in the the popular vote from santorum, and secondly, he doesn't think that romney, because romney hasn't been able to overwelcome anybody in any one of the states, is accepted by conservatives in the-- in the party. >> right
romney on top with 37. santorum at 31. gingrich, way down there at 14, and paul at 8. let me go to you, john heilemann. is this a chance for greatness for santorum to win a big state? >> certainly a chance for greatness, chris. the state of illinois hasn't had a competitive primary in decades on the republican presidential side. it is very much a state geographically divided between the north and south. you have republican, suburban republican counties around chicago and suburbs that are pretty moderate, should be romney country. then down state illinois, very conservative, much more like the south than like anything around chicago, and that's good hunting ground for santorum. gingrich has more or less abandoned the field there, headed down -- made a quick stop there yesterday or today, is headed now to camp out in louisiana. that 14% that gingrich has may erode considerably, may erode to santorum's advantage. it would be a huge win for santorum if he could pick up illinois after coming in so close in michigan and ohio, winning in the industrial midwest. it would be a big blow to romne
. >> [inaudible] romney, i think he has done an excellent job. [laughter] now, in fact, he has laid out a comprehensive, by far the most comprehensive approach to foreign policy. perrylawn white paper, given a big speech on the subject -- he has a very long white paper, given a big speech on the subject. as is the nature of most primary campaigns, it has not been the topic du jour. you do not get a chance to lay out your vision of foreign policy when you are debating contraception and all the other important topics they are debating. i think you'll see more. the better time to ask this question will be in the general election, because then i think there will be a discussion about american foreign policy. i think there has been room for criticism of the obama administration. i know that one of the major approaches of governor romney, for instance, is that for quite some time in various parts of the world, president obama has not been great with a number of our allies. he is now, by the way, scrambling to repair that image. is meeting with david cameron is intended to undo the slyke was
romney after a pair of victories by rick santorum, and many prodding newt gingrich, again, to quit the race, and what about santorum's charge that fox news is schilling for romney? plus, comedian ali wentworth on her new show. her marriage to george stephanopoulos, and how the president reacted when he heard she would be entertaining at the white house. >> obama said, ali wentworth, isn't she inappropriate? which in my world is a huge compliment. >> huge. i'm howard kurtz, and this is "reliable sources." >> it was the most popular episode in the history of this american life. public radio reported on alleged abuses at a chinese factory that makes ipads and iphones. it relied heavily on one-man performance artist mike daisy. hurz hoe ira glass put it. >> when i saw mike daisy perform this story on stage, when i left the theater, i had a lot of the questions. i mean, he is nott a reporter, and i wondered did he get it right? and so we've actually spent a few weeks checking everything that he says in his show. then the workers start coming in. they come in in twos and threes and fours
santorum campaigning in illinois. miss romney will be in the northern part of the state including rockford, alan lawyer with the delegates at stake on tuesday. the only scheduled on tuesday. if you go inside "the new york times" we want to bring in this photo. it is and generations as the republicans have seen a convention in which the nominee was not decided going in. gerald ford was the fitting -- sitting president. the appointed president did not have enough delegates before working out an agreement to get that nomination. we want to take you back to the for the convention in kansas city to give you one snapshot of what that was like in the summer of 1976. [video clip] >> i think he is the vice chairman of one of those delegations. >> something to do with a sign, i do not know. >> did he get a phone back? >> no. >> which phone? >> my white cord phone. that goes to the trailer. my other phone is damaged. host: 1 snapshot of what happened during the summer of 1976 -- all for getting the nomination on the first ballot. for some questions because of the surge by ronald reagan who got the no
>> bret: i am bret baier in for chris wallace. mitt romney looks to lock up the nomination. but many key tests remain. we'll talk with the gop front runner about the edge and get insight to do his policy solutions for america. mitt romney, a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then actor george clooney brings awareness of a war-torn region and he opens up about what he saw in sudan and how people need help. chris wallace sits down with george cleann. and the preponderance and vice-president hit the campaign trail hard. we ask our panelist if the timing is right for the white house to wrapp up election efforts. and how the candidates are looking for delegates. all now on "fox news sunday". hello, again, from fox news in washington. it is a busy campaign weekend, missouri continues the process of select being delegates and puerto rico votes on tuesday. -- today. joining us is mitt romney. governor, welcome back to "fox news sunday". >> guest: thanks, bret, good to be with you. >> bret: tensions in the u.s. and afghanistan are high at this point. afghan president karzai accused the u
with candy crowley starts right now. >>> romney has math. rick santorum has momentum. neither is inevitable. today -- >> it's pretty sad when all you have to do is math instead of trying to go out there and win it on substance. >> presidential candidate rick santorum on the rugged road to tampa. >>> next, afghanistan's ambassador to the u.s. getting a grip on a come pli indicated on u.s. ambassador to afghanistan and former director of intelligence dennis player. >>> then, the push to november. anita dunn and former republican committee chairman ed gilespi. i'm candy crowley and this is "state of the union." rick santorum has a sharper edge to him. he understands he needs to change the dynamic. >> the problem is, the republicans in this country are thinking about putting somebody with the same positions as president up. if this is about tweedle dee and dweedl dumb, we will lose. >> santorum's real weakness is his plan economic illiteracy, inexcusable, the worst idea of any gop candidate. >> joining me now, former senator rick santorum. thanks so much for being with us. i want to start out b
with politics this hour. ballots are being cast in puerto rico. mitt romney suspension the sunday in illinois. rick santorum took his message out and possibility that puerto rico could be split. doug mckelway has more in washington. >> reporter: good to see you. puerto rico primary underway as we speak. it's worth 20 delegates but all eyes are turning to illinois where 69 delegates are at stake in tuesday's primary. both santorum and romney campaigning hard. romney's lead and margin is 6.4%. latest average shows romney with 37.7%. to santorum's 33.3 with gingrich lagging far behind with 13.3. romney has been out spending his rival by 7 to 1 margin in illinois relying on part what has worked in other states, strong attack ads and pointed barbs at his add ver seas. a pancake brunch, he linked his background to president obama's. >> senator santorum has the same characteristics as president obama. he spent his life in government right now we need somebody that understands the economy fundamentally. he has the same lightweight background the president has. >> reporter: they delivered a strong pro
romney has math. rick santorum has momentum. neither is inevitable. today -- >> it's pretty sad when all you have is to do math instead of trying to, you know, trying to go out there and win it on sfans. substance. >> presidential candidate on mitt romney, illinois and the rugged road to tampa. >>> ambassador to the u.s. getting a grip on a complicated region with former u.s. ambassador to afghanistan, zalmay khalilzad and former director of national intelligence, dennis blair. >>> then, the push toward november with former white house communications director anita dunn and former republican national committee chairman, ed gillespie. i'm candy crowley, and this is "state of the union." >>> rick santorum understands he needs cochange the dynamic. >> the republicans are thinking about putting someone in the same positions as president obama up. if this election is about tweedle dee and tweedle dum, we will lose. >> as the focus changes to illinois where polls are close and romney is loaded for bear. >> santorum's real weakness is the economy. he's never run a business or a state. his plan,
's couldn't s contraceptive mandates. >> what questions that the romney people want me to get out and washington establishment wants me to get out. i don't care. >> despite the need to win big in the the south. newt gingrich fails to take first place and calls ring loud for the former speak her to end his campaign. are those calls coming from his party or the press. >> when i become the nominee. >> mitt romney continues his quest to be the g.o.p. nominee, but are the media doing all they can to block his campaign? >> and you know, we're just, we're calling them and that's what i do. call them like i see them. >> rick santorum takes a shot at fox news, claiming favored treatment towards one of his competitors, really? a u.s. soldier accuse $of a grizz gris grisly crime igniting that region and how has the press handled this sensitive story. and the president has an action packed week of fun and games. how did his administration do during a week of transparency? >> on the panel this week, viter and fox news contributor, judy miller. jim pinkerton, contributing editor the american co
. >> the elite media's effort to convince the nation that mitt romney is inevable just collapsed. >> if f am not a weak front runner, what does that make it newt gingrich? ---->> if you guygive these guys the key y to the white house, they will buy or the middle-class. -- bankrupt the middle-class. >> we women have a problem with the republican pty. >> the massae in afghanistan. the hbo movie "game change." >> i never want to deal with at woman n again. >> how true to life? >> true enough to make me squirm. >> do you know what the fed is? captioned by the national captioning institute >> on super tuesday mitt romney pinchedd by rick santorum in io, a must-win state in thehe general election bid athe song goes, why didid mitt romney ever leave ohio? heid win the hawaii caucuses and picked up some and the bar and gririll caucus in american sasamoa. ne gingrich chose to focus on mississippi and alabama. >> the conservrvative candidates got nearly 70% of the vote. if you are t front runner and you keep coming in third, you are not much of a front runner. >>y the waylast night
. mitt romney, the republican with the most delegates, finished behind rick santorum and newt gingrich in mississippi and alabama. >> if you're the frontrunner and you keep coming in third, you're not much of a frontrunner. >> reporter: but by romney's new math, there is no way santorum or gingrich can get enough delegates to secure the nomination. he wants them to quit. but one analyst said "not so fast." >> the closer mitt gets to that magical number of 1,144 delegates, the more leverage he has at a hypothetical brokered convention. however... however, you know, if rumors of a santorum-gingrich super ticket prove true, well, we're in for a hot time in tampa. >> reporter: hey, it's already hot. >> hot sauce. got to be hot. >> reporter: we'll try to keep the heat on as we get the latest from the president's top strategist david axelrod; republican national chairman reince preibus; former republican party chair and romney supporter ed gillespie; "fox news" contributor rich lowrie and our own norah o'donnell. after all, this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news
likely opponent in the fall, mitt romney is still actually saying he would go bigger. >> that's in iran. what about that? >> politically there is nothing in it for the president to pull the plug on his own oils the >> politically or realistically over there? >> there are costs there too, but in terms of domestic policy i don't think he pays a price for -- >> people will wait it out so long as they see he's focused on the economy and jobs. >> if they think there is a strategy they'll stick with it. if -- the minute they think this isn't, they'll be gone. chris: and before we break, gas prices could become a huge issue in the fall. fortunately there are no gas lines like in the years when it killed jimmy carter. >> how many of you think jimmy carter is doing a good job on the energy situation? amy and rosslyn? ok. [laughter] how many think he's doing a bad job? [applause] how many of you think he should be pumping gas? chris: carter tried fireside chats in cardigan sweaters hoping that conservation would make him look better. "saturday night live" wasn't making -- taking it seriously. i'm
to give up that issue. for romney to get out and say, i would repeal it, is fine. it does not have the power to politically motivated people to volunteer that someone who has been a permanent opponent does. you effectively give that up if you select romney as the nominee. we may end up doing that. the economy has much more to talk about than his focus, but i do think this issue plays a big role in that, and santorum is leveraging that as much as he can. >> santorum accuses romney of supporting the federal mandate. do you think romney supported the federal mandate as santorum says? >> if what i read is correct, yes. he was the model for the national version, and i do not think that is a surprise to anybody. romney correct the distinguishes between the constitutional aspects of doing it at the federal level as opposed to the state level. but if what i have seen is accurate and he supported it at the national level as well, like newt gingrich, i have a problem with that. >> did you support romney in the primary in virginia? >> no, i stayed out of that. >> you did not vote? >> oh, no,
portion. >> if govern r governor romney thinks that he is the ceo, he doesn't understand what conservatives believe in. we don't want somebody to manage the economy. we want somebody to get him out of the office avenue santorum saying that he is the face of conservativism. >> you know, i think going into puerto rico you would have to give the advantage to mitt romney. he had the endorsement of the governor there. more than that, it was a mitt romney kind of place and then rick santorum went down there that did not help him down there. so i think that we would be surprised if mitt romney did not win in purt roek key. >> og okay. go going into tuesday, by the way, we should have results somewhere in that 4:00 either hour. you'll join us. >> hopefully, yeah. >> hopefully once those polls close at 4:00. so then most candidates might want the result of one race to bett better poise them than he would have in puerto rico. >> well, you know, maybe. listen, this is a fairly sizeable contingent evangelical voters but i think the state is looking better for mitt romney. we look back at
where you things stand right now. this is 7% of the polls are in. mitt romney 86%. rick santorum 7%. newt gingrich 1%. ron paul 1%, again, this is 7% of the results are in right now, we're going to continue to update you on this. romney was endorsed by puerto rico's governor, and romney and santorum both campaigned last week. if no one gets 50% of the delegates, they'll be awarded proportionately. we'll continue to update these results as they come in. they're coming in moment by moment. don't go anywhere. man, this is going down to the convention and still we don't know what is going to happen. exciting. and nothing gets americans riled up more than talking about politics than gas prices. but who's really to blame? let's talk about gas price politics in the white house rice. with with will cane and a senior writer for we'll have to get you a shorter intro i'm going to start with will just for that. is it really fair to blame the president, any president i'm talking about, george bush, president obama, clinton, whomever about gas prices, about high gas prices? >> simple a
for the g.o.p. nomination, the state of illinois. mitt romney cutting short a campaign stop in puerto rico to spend more time in the prairie state. romney feeling the pressure after losing mississippi and alabama to rival rick santorum. the latest real clear politics average shows romney leading in illinois with 37.7%. that's more than a six-point lead over santorum. here now to discuss what is at stake in illinois is washington times columnist charlie hoessele hurd. thanks for joining us. >> he cut it short, heading to illinois. is this a sign he's concerned. >> yeah, he's been concerned for weeks now. i think that's also a sign of a very organized campaign. he's run a very organized campaign. he's obviously had problems sort of putting it away the way i think he would like to, but he doesn't -- he's not taking anything for granted, and you know, this thing has gone on so much longer than i think he wanted or many republicans, you know, establishment republicans wanted. so yeah, it's probably very important. it looks like he's doing very well in puerto rico right now, and while he's still
>> i'm bret baier in for chris wallace. mitt romoc >> mitt romney looks to lock up the republican presidential nomination. but many key tests remain. we'll talk with the front runner about the primary edge. >> about how people there need help. chris wallace sits down with george clooney. also, the president and vice-president both hit the campaign trail hard. we will ask our sunday panel if the time is right to ramp up the re-election avert eves and how the canned days are scrambling for delegates on the trail. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> it's a busy campaign weekend, missouri continues to select the delegates. puerto rico votes today. then on tuesday, all eyes will be on illinois. joining us from moline, to talk about where the race stands is mitt romney, governor, welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> thanks, bret. >> let's start with afghanistan, tensions between the u.s. and afghanistan appear to be very high. president hamid karzai has accused the u.s. of stonewalling the investigation into killing 16 civilians and suggested there might be more than one shooter. he
for the latest in what has been a series of race and momentum defining state primari primaries. can mitt romney's money and the advantage he has with the money help him to defend his front-runner status. can rick santorum's message land him another upset? mitt romney's campaign and super pac poured a whopping $3.3 million into illinois to fill the state's airwaves with ads. rick santorum showed up comparatively less armed to the illinois add wars meeting romney's millions with $446,000. between his campaign and the super pac that supports him, he has not nearly as much money as mitt romney has got. but add to santorum's financial capital the capital that he gains from the momentum that he earned with his wins across the south. delivered by voters who are responding to santorum's true conservative message. now, the rebounding economy hasn't allowed romney much traction with his position that's the economic heavyweight. so he's fallen back on a platform that's solid but considerably less sexy. >> inches us closer to that magic number. >> oh, that magic number. thank you, mitt romney. for that han
>> i'm bret baier in for chris wallace. mitt romney looks to lock up the republican presidential nomination. but many key tests remain. we'll talk with the gop front runner about the primary's end and get into his policy solutions for america. mitt romney, a fox news sunday exclusive. then actor george clooney brings awareness of a war torn region to washington. he opens up about what he saw along the border of sudan and south sudan and about how people there need help. chris wallace sits down with george clooney and john prendergast. the president and vice president both hit the campaign trail hard. we'll ask our sunday panel if the timing is right for the white house to ramp up reelection efforts. and we'll take a look at how the candidates are scrambling for delegates on the trail. all right now on fox news sunday hello again from fox news in washington. it's another busy campaign weekend. puerto rico votes today. then on tuesday, all eyes will be on illinois. joining us from moline to talk about where the race stands now is mitt romney. governor, welcome back to fox news sund
obama in the fall election. thank you. god bless you. [cheers and applause] >> mitt romney has several campaign events in illinois on sunday. he will make remarks at the machine that shed a restaurant. you can tune in for live coverage. illinois holds its primary tuesday. is one of three contests in march. puerto rico holds its primary tomorrow. louisiana holds primary on saturday. the republican delegate count stands at 4954 mitt romney, 2524 rick santorum, 1314 newton king bridge, and 484 ron paul. -- newt gingrich, and 48 4 ron paul. >> freshman congressman kore gardner delivers the republican address criticizing the president for higher energy prices. >> as i know you have noticed over the past few weeks, the price of your pump has been going up and up. because it is an election year, so is the temperature of the political rhetoric. when pat -- what matters to me is the impact the rising prices have on you. it makes things harder. i want to take a minute to explain what steps my administration is taking when it comes to energy. the truth is, the price of gas depends on a lot of fac
romney. republican discontent. why has the g.o.p. gone on so long? at one point, halley barber was asked to run. and he didn't. and he won't endorse anyone will. he comes live. the president's helt care law, costing 3 times what is promised and millions could lose their coverages. we go live. and the battle to reunite a u.s. member and her dog, sarkant rex. you won't want to miss that story. i'm shannon bream. america's news headquarters from the nation's capitol starts right now. >> mitt romney has the big lead in the republican camp, but rick santorum is making it clear, he's in it for the long haul. both candidates have campaigned in puerto rico. now they are looking to campaign in states that are still to come. we go live to the race for the g.o.p. nomination. >> reporter: this is really an important weekend. puerto rico's 20 delegates at stake today. on tuesday, it's illinois with 69 delegates up for grabs inform illinois, romney has been maintaining a lead of 6.4%. but the gap is narrowing in recent days, 37 passport 7% for romney and santorum's 33.3% and gingrich, 13.3 and paul, 7
. it is proportional. but mitt romney felt fairly confident he'll get maybe the majority of those delegates. >> if he gets over 50%, he gets to keep all those delegates. that's a nice little stash. particularly as he tries to frame this not as a state by state or in puerto rico's case, a territory by territory race, but as a delegate race. and picking up 20 delegates going into illinois, where there are more delegates at stake. certainly it gives him momentum, but there is a cautionary tale about momentum this season and that is no one seems to be able to get it and retain it for very long. sometimes it is the next election or next state where they lose it completely. it is slightly underperforming, the big mo, as george bush, the dad, used to call it this season, but there is always the hope that it will catch on, certainly in the romney campaign. they're looking for something that puts them on the track and keeps them on the track. illinois, nice big state, lots of delegates at stake they would like to do it there. >> and mitt romney, right now, in illinois, campaigning, he's feeling fairly confide
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 155 (some duplicates have been removed)